icon-docMedical Consultations

Round-the-clock access to a nationwide network of physicians

icon-emrElectronic Medical Records

HIPAA compliant system that centralizes your health records.

icon-labLab Test

Doctors can schedule lab work and annual wellness test, allowing you to be proactive with your health..

icon-advocatePatient Advocacy

Your Advocate will talk to doctors and insurance companies and get to the heart of your issue, fast.


  • New Years resolution special
  • Lose weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Develop a wellness plan
  • Get healthy
  • Free blood panel
  • All under the care of a doctor in the privacy of your own home!
  • Naturopathic doctors also available



Benefits of Joining Afford MD


It's Fast: No more waiting rooms with sick people, no driving, no babysitter.

It's Convenient: You get round-the-clock access to care when you need it, whether you're traveling, at work or in your home 24/7, 365 days a year.

It's Affordable: Telemedicine costs less than traditional office visits, and avoids the expense of travel.

It's Easy: Our process is simple, secure and electronically maintains your medical history.

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About Afford MD

Afford MD Health Services (Powered by the AmeriDoc Physician Network)

Afford MD offers members’ access to the AmeriDoc physician network, an on-demand, revolutionary telemedicine program that permits consumers to connect to a nationwide network of U.S. based licensed physicians and counselors via telephone, secure e-mail and live streaming video 24/7/365.

Immediate access for common conditions and non-urgent medical care will help lower healthcare costs by replacing unnecessary doctor’s office, urgent care center or ER visits.

Afford MD’ s partnership with the AmeriDoc Physicians Network provides members with medical advice regarding non-emergency and common medical conditions. Doctors are available to discuss symptoms, diagnose many common conditions, recommend treatment options, and prescribe medication when appropriate.

Afford MD provides members with quality, secure, and confidential care through our strategic partnership with the AmeriDoc Physician Network.

Why My Afford MD?

The Afford MD plan includes unlimited use of Information Consultations whenever you need it, as well as the ability to add up to 5 family members in your household.

  • On-demand Healthcare: No more waiting rooms with sick people, no driving, no babysitter; connect to a doctor instantly via phone or email.
  • Convenient: You get round-the-clock access to care when you need it, whether you’re traveling, at work, or in your home 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Save Money: Save hundreds or thousand of dollars by avoiding unnecessary doctor’s office or ER visits.
  • It's Easy: Our process is simple, secure, and electronically maintains your medical records.
  • Our Network of Physicians: Nationwide, licensed and experienced.

Medical Services for everyone

AffordMD qualifies everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions, age, race, credit, employment status and citizenship.  We believe everyone should have access to our 24 hour nurses and doctors.  See how AffordMD can help you overcome the high cost of healthcare today!

See why normal people like you and me are raving about AffordMD!  Get round the clock access to nurses and doctors for all your healthcare needs.   The future of healthcare is not Obamacare; it’s AffordMD and it’s available right now for you and your family!  By leveraging technology, AffordMD can deliver quality care at an affordable cost right now!  Don’t wait any longer to take your health into your hands.  AffordMD is here for you right now!

  • About us
  • Our History

AffordMD was created to bring Americans an affordable and advanced healthcare solution for individuals, families and corporations of all sizes. Our technology has been proven to provide a highly efficient and effective way for treating day-to-day healthcare needs that disrupt our daily routines and lower productivity. Our team is experienced in providing quality healthcare to consumers nationwide and we look forward to delivering that same level of service to you for years to come.


AffordMD was created to provide America with an affordable solution to rising healthcare costs by utilizing technology to deliver a first-class patient-doctor experience that provides you with 24 hour access to our doctors. Don’t waste valuable time and money by going to the Emergency Room, Quick Care or Urgent Care. Our doctors can save you time and money by diagnosing your symptoms, prescribing the appropriate medication and documenting everything in your very own Personal Health Record that your primary care doctor can access with your permission.

Our team of physicians is ready to treat you and your family right now! Affordable Healthcare is here and AffordMD is your partner in health!